The White Shirt

Over the years, I find myself repeatedly reverting to those classic and timeless items that are outside the fashion timeline and have a life of their own, that re not depend on changing fashions and rapid trends. It may also be the maturity of age, but there is no doubt that the desire to formulate a timeless wardrobe and with items that will beat the dimension of time is an important and central milestone throughout my creative process. One of the main items of the brand is the classic white shirt, which originally came from the masculine worlds from which I always like to take inspiration and blur the boundaries between the genders, and which over the years I have dismantled and reassembled in many directions and each time from a different perspective. This time, I chose to focus on the Sienna shirt, which in the past year has become one of the pieces you liked the most and became one of our main items, and this time I decided to add another classic color, Navy blue that for me is in the limited group of classic and timeless colors scale that I always love to work with. The shirt has a loose cut and and away from the body, and through the length of the seams combined a tightrope that winds along them and giving them an extra beautiful dimension of the garment on the body. The kind of clothes that are always fun to wear. over a pair of jeans or tailored pants for more elegant look. Those who follow me over the years know that I like to produce versatile items that can be worn in several ways and change according to personal style, and I am excited to offer you this item that combines a lot of wearable options but above them all will always be a timeless item in your wardrobe.