About the creation process, the Lola shirt dress



The creation of the Lola dress, came from my desire to take both worlds I love so much – the male tailored fashion world that invent some of the greatest iconic and classic pieces such as the white buttoned shirt, and mixed it with the soft feminine world of ours, the beautiful women we are. My desire was to create one piece that combined a bit from each world, versatile piece that can be worn as a buttoned shirt over pair of jeans and white T for a classic and timeless look I always love, or as a gorgeous dress with a highlighted waist for more sophisticated look. 

During the process design, one of the most important things to me is the way the clothing fitting the body, how it falls and the soft texture that stroking the body, I want my pieces to be worn over and over again and in order to make it happen I want them to be as much classic and comfortable they can, made of a natural and high-quality fabrics in timeless shapes that will last forever. 

The Lola dress made of a blend of Tencel and cotton, and comes in light blue and pink peach.