A love letter to my city, Tel Aviv






I grew up in a kibbutz up in the north of Israel, but I spent all my adult life in the city I love so much, Tel Aviv. 

This is where I set up my life, created my family and established my brand, and this city is part of me in every piece of my soul. 

A creation comes from many different ways but for me, maybe the most main thing is the place I live, the city streets and the unique energy of this place, I love to listen to the city beats and feel the energy get inside of me and play her melody that changed every single day. 

I adore the contrasts this place brings together, the old against new, crumbling buildings alongside sparkling skyscrapers, the un shape corners and beautiful Bauhaus architecture with it rounds shapes and clean white structures that peek from every corner in the streets. 

Tel Aviv, my endless inspiration that penetrating deep inside of me, is a breeding ground to my creation and integral part of me. 

I love you, you crazy diamond. 



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