Music and inspirations




One of the main worlds that lives inside of me in the most basic way is the music, I grew up in a home where music was always there, almost as an additional family member, full of variety from all kinds of decades and different styles, and always in the background. 

During the years, a melody was playing inside of me at any given moment, the music has become a main part of my life and creation and almost every step of my life is connected to a song, melody or beautiful worlds I came across and connected immediately to my heart. 

My creation always connected to music from many kinds of decades but especially from the late decades of the 70's and 90's and iconic singers such as Pettie Smith, Grace Jones ad Annie Lennox that beyond they are all groundbreaking singers they also add into their music their own style and personal stamp, and create new androgyne style that always attract me and curios my mind. during the creation process their spirit and music is always there, plying at my studio and inside of me, letting them inspire and stretch my own boundaries.